Testimonials From Our Valued Customers!!

Hi Cindy,
So sorry for the delayed response... I really appreciated your help and support with you product.
 It worked like a charm and the mare foaled within 6 hours of the test strip changing colors to the 95% range just as it said would happen!
We were so glad we had it, the mare was a maiden and needed a little help and because of the test
we didn't have to miss any extra sleep and we able to help her foal! We will definitely keep using this!
Thanks again!

May 10, 2016

I purchased a testing kit and extra strips from you in 2013 following recommendation from Jane Dennis at the Kerswell Stud. I have to say it works brilliantly, and has significantly changed for the better my foaling experience.
I work full time, so getting up every hour during the night for weeks on end was tedious to say the least, as was getting family and neighbours to check ponies regularly during the day week after week.
My mares run out with the stallion so I rely upon the physical signs to indicate when the mare is approaching foaling, so provided there is some sort of an udder and I am able to obtain fluid I can then start testing.
Of course, I don't rely exclusively on the testing kit - I have had mares foal when they have no udders, so I haven't even tested them, and I have had mares go from non-foaling zone to imminent very quickly, but the fact is the kit is amazingly effective, and enables me to watch mares at night when the test tells me I need to, and not every night fruitlessly for weeks.
If the kit indicates a mare is getting close, family and neighbours are more than happy to focus on checking her regularly when I'm at work because they know she will foal soon, rather than before when they were committed to checking with no idea whether she would foal then or weeks later.
Having used it for two foaling seasons I would definately not want to go through foaling without this brilliant predictor kit!
Foaling time for my miniature Shetlands is almost upon us and I have just realised I have only a few strips left. Please can I purchase two packs of strips (I already have the kit from last time). I can't remember how I paid but I guess it was paypal? I would be most grateful if you could get back to me as soon as possible with cost for purchase and shipping to UK, and how to pay.
Many thanks
Trudy Ridgers (Wotknotts Miniature Shetlands)

I test with this kits since one-two years. I have a nice little minishetlandpony-stud in Austria/Europe.
It is always good to be there, when mares are foaling. My friend told me about this product. And I'm really excited!
Mare must have milk to get tested. First mare this year have one week 85% and than on evening
she got 95% and at 22:36 the foal came! (chestnut and white colt foal)


Second mare have 85% on evening and at 23:08 the foal came. (brown and white filly foal)
Now you can you can buy this kits from me for all Europe breeders! ;)

Stud El Primor - Austria: www.elprimor.at

Regards, Katrin Lach
May 16, 2014

I first used Mother Natures foaling kit when my mare was due to have her first foal.
Needless to say we were anxious and wanted to attend the foaling, and this kit made it possible.

The kit is easy to use and unbelievably reliable. For anyone in my position, I cannot recommend this kit enough.
The team at Mother Nature are helpful and responsive. So much so that I have recommended them to my boss
who owns a stud and have purchased kits for all her mares due to foal this year.

Thank you Mother Nature!

Chanice Nolan, United Kingdom - January 23, 2014

I was doubtful about this predictor kit. I have foaled out successfully for years by reading the signs of the mare and by breeding dates. In this instance,
I had a mare in my barn that was due. The owner of the mare had no breeding date and no former history on this mare so I was nervous.
I got the predictor kit and used it on the mare. It gave me a reading of 12 hour foaling window.
The mare had not dropped, no waxing of her nipples, no real signs of foaling.
I thought this was a wrong reading of the kit and was doubtful. I went back to the barn that night and the mare's water had broken.
Thank God I did go back to check on her, this mare had a red bag foal and if I was not there the foal would have died.
I highly recommend this product!

 Keelona Farm (CHARLOTTESVLE, VA) - Mar 17, 2013   

Hi Cindy,

Paid via PayPal. Im an equine vet and have heard great reports on your foal predictor kit so looking forward to receiving it.

Kind regards

Our maiden went early. We got a heads up from your kit. Thanks so much!
Jennifer Martin, DVM 2013

I am from Germany and my verterinary told me to order your milk test
to be able to save the life of my minishetland mares better when bad foaling appears.
May 2013
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With kind regards
Katharina Krischak
Rothensande Miniature Shetlands

BY: Keelona Farm (Charlottesvle, VA) - March 17, 2013  
I was doubtful about this predictor kit. I have foaled out successfully for years by reading the signs of the mare and by breeding dates.
In this instance, I had a mare in my barn that was due. The owner of the mare had no breeding date and no former history on this mare so I was nervous.
I got the predictor kit and used it on the mare. It gave me a reading of 12 hour foaling window. The mare had not dropped, no waxing of her nipples, no real signs of foaling.
I thought this was a wrong reading of the kit and was doubtful. I went back to the barn that night and the mare's water had broken.
Thank God I did go back to check on her, this mare had a red bag foal and if I was not there the foal would have died.
 I highly recommend this product!

Hey Cindy. Thought you'd like to know that Marcella's milk tested at 85% and in the foaling range at 10pm on
March 1st and our little colt was born at 1212am on March 2nd.
Another wonderful birthing attended by me because your tests told me to be there.
thanks again - Amanda Huybers
March 2012

Hi Cindy, it's that time of year again. I will be needing your 3 pack of test strips (I have 5 mares due this year).

I wanted to share a little story. Last year I bought both your strips and the '(-)  strips. I wanted to do side by side comparisons.
And I felt a strip that did not need dilution might be something I wanted to try out.
Both your strips and theirs did indeed indicate foaling was imminent.
Yours let me know about 48 hours before foaling that we were very close but theirs only let me know about 5 hours before.
 I need to know when I wake up in the morning if it is safe to go to work or not. I'd rather miss two days of work than go thinking I'm safe and returning home to a tragedy.
So I'm sticking with your strips this year. Thought you might find this info interesting.



"Awesome! I LOVE these test strips. Would never go through a foaling season without them.
Not missing a foaling for the tiny cost of the test kit - PRICELESS!"

Parmela Bonney
January 2011

Thank you, because of the strips I only missed one day of work, without them I for sure would have missed more.
I've told many of my mini horse friends about them

Amanda Huybers
March 2010


We just had our third foal of the season and have been able to witness each foaling thanks to your strips.
Two of our mares had difficulty and the foals needed to be pulled.
Thanks to the strips we were there to help out. We now have three beautiful foals.
We have three more to go and can't wait to start testing the mare's milk.
I will never go another foaling season without these strips. Thanks again.

I have included pics of the foals. Good luck with your foaling season!

Theresa Trecker
Triple T Horse Farm
Raising colorful AMHR/AMHA Miniature Horses
May 2, 2009

"We checked our
mare and the test said we would have a foal within 12 hours and in 2 hours
we had a beautiful filly-it takes the worry out of the equation.
Mother Natures Foaling Kit was easy to use and very accurate.
Thank you-- Fingland Stables

March 2009

"We are foaling right now!  The test showed that she would.  It is brilliant!"

Regards, Jill

Jill Jones
Supreme Dream Miniature Horses
United Kingdom
March 2009

Hi Cindy,
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know the strips worked perfectly. The ph did not change until the final day, and then it was at the optimum color per the chart.
That was about 10pm and Caroline foaled 1:30am. I let my vet know about your kit so they can recommend it to other clients.
 It was very helpful for me as Caroline NEVER follows those foaling guides.

As it was, she was 10 to 14 days early. Once I can find a camera to take a picture I'll send one. I do not own a camera.

Dear Cindy
I want to thank you for your wonderful product. I purchased the test kit for my mare this year as we lost last years foal in a dystocia and needed to be there for this one.
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the test, my mare went up and down the scale and hardly had any milk until the day she foaled.
I decided to test her at 5.30pm, got a very fast positive result showing we would have a foal in the next 12 hours.
At 11.00pm my mare went into labour and we had a beautiful healthy filly by 11.10pm!!!
Couldn't have had a better result, and it was all thanks to the Mother Nature Kit that we were in attendance.
Thank you so much
Helen Armstrong
Aromel Farm Miniatures
September 2008

Hi Cindy,
Your test kit is everything you said it would be and more.The test strip turned at 10am Wednesday morning and at 6:30 that night, we had a gorgeous colt we named Razzle.
No sleepless nights, no extra stress on Lumina the mare. I have recommended it to all my friends and vet as well.
Anytime I called with a question, you were patient and so helpful,it really made my first foaling experience one I will never forget.I cant wait to do it again!
Thanks so much,
Mary Shaughnessy
April 2008

I have saved countless sleepless nights using Mother Nature's Predictor Kit.
Normally I would be staying up all night watching proven mares they weren't even close to foaling out.
The kit is so accurate. We had our first foal using the kit and knew exactly the day our mare would foal out.
Now we don't even put the transistors on our mares until the predictor shows nearing the last squares. I highly recommend the kits!
Monette Freeman Wisteria Mini Horse Ranch

Just a quick note to let you know that our mare foaled on Friday, May 2nd. I had taken her off of the raspberry leaf on April 25th.
So she was off of it for a week. I tested her Thursday night and got a strong positive on your test strip.
The foal was born 8 hours later.

Thanks for all of your help and concern.

Here is a picture of the new baby.
Thanks to your excellent product and online support I was ready for the foaling of my new filly named Maggies Magic CD.
It was a great help in knowing an approximate time that my mare would foal.
 I had been watching her closely for the last two days as the test strips were changing from right to left.
When it hit the far left colors I knew we were getting close.
Thank you again for all your support and help! The predictor kit worked like "Magic"!
Cindy Severe
March 2008

Hi there
Just to let you know, your milk testing kit worked a treat.
I kept an eye on my mare until I felt she was looking ready, and at that time I expressed a tiny bit of milk.
 I tested it with one strip at 9am... it went orange... and sure enough exactly 12 hours later at 9pm a beautiful colt foal was born.
My foal watching was a glorious 12 hours of sitting in the sun :)
Thank you ever so much,
Tanya, May 2007

Thanks to the kit I knew I needed to stay home Sunday. What a great product!!
The vet was out today and said she is perfect. He swears by that kit.  
PS I went to your website and just love your minis!!
Diane - April 2007

I just wanted to let you know how magnificently your test kit worked.
My ever-so-skeptical friend allowed me to test it out on her mare. We checked her at 7pm and it came up as very hard.
She foaled about 1:30am. WOW!!!
Thanks!!! J. Boyd Roanoke, AL

Hi Cindy, I got the kit yesterday, used it yesterday on a friend's mare, the
colors looked like the within 12 hours, she had it 2 am, a beautiful arab
filly! Thanks! Carole

Carole's New arrival!  She was there and used the Foaling Predictor Kit!
Thanks for sharing this cutie with us!

"Thanks for making an easy kit to use!"  A.Kelly, Parker, CO

"Hi, I wanted to share my new baby with you. This filly was born April 28, 2003. We didn't have a sure breed date as this mare had shown no signs of heat till
July of 2002 and had run with the stallion from April till August.
I was saved many a sleepless night thanks to your breeders kit.
It showed a color somewhere between the last two color squares for three days and then the night she foaled it was dead on the last color square.
I will never go through another foaling season without these kits and would recommend them to anyone.!!!"
L. Morton
Ministuf Miniatures

L. Morton's Beautiful New Foal!!

"Thank you for your product."
Shauna, Parker, CO

Here is Shauna's beautiful new baby!

"The kit is great! Bay tested 4 on Monday night and 5 (quick) on Tuesday night and foaled Wednesday morning."
L. Olson, Missouri

Here is Lori's cutie!!

Hi there,
Well after 1 week of testing my mini mare, she tested at a 5 yesterday at noon, and foaled a beautiful filly at 3 this morning.
The strips work great, I knew to watch her more closely, and when the alarm went off, I knew the baby was coming.
Thanks so much for a great product. I will use them on my next mare, due in 6 weeks.
Alicia Manuel
Beaumont, Texas

Welcome, Lily (Westwinds Hot Little Whirl Wind)!!

"Can't praise enough 5 STAR"
The O'Brien's-New Zealand

Cindy, How's this Yesterday at 4pm, I checked my mare with the test strip
and it was dead on ---------this morning at 4am I had a baby!!!! Is that
approx 12 hrs or what!!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful test. I
feel like a zombie today but knew I needed to stay up and watch because of the test strip!!

Thanks for shipping so quickly. It worked great. My mare's milk changed from stage 4 to stage 4/5 and was dripping milk. Had her baby less than 2 hours later.  
I did get lots of sleep and had a lot less anxiety. I'm recommending to all my friends.  
P. Barbee - Graham, NC

Just letting you know the kit was 100% accurate on a lst time mare. Had it not been for using your kit,
I would have missed the birth, as the mare was 2 weeks early.  I bought your kit last September.
Thank you

"Flying A Chianti Blue and "Pari" pictured above"

"Hi, again...this is my second foaling season to use these strips, and my mare tested at 5, and within 30 hours, she foaled.  
She was determined to hold out on me, so I think that is why she went a bit longer.  She had hip lock, and if I had not been there both would have been lost.  
They are great, and my next mare that is due is at a 3 right now.  Thanks, again, for a great product!"
Alicia Manuel  
Beaumont, Texas

"We tested her about 10:30a-11:00a. It was 11pm and I was loosing faith in the kit, when she started acting kind of funny. She had started contractions.
She had the baby just after midnight. I am so glad we got your kit and tested her. We were there for the delivery.
Mother and baby are doing fine. She delivered right on her scheduled date. It's her 1st and she is a natural. She's a great mom.
When we tested her the first time, it was Thursday evening. She was the 4th color on your web chart. By Saturday, she was on the last stage."
Susie & Scott Hite
Hite's Little Wonders
Miniature Horses and Shetlands
Baltimore, Ohio
(Check Out Their Beautiful Little Baby!  Thank You For Your Testimonial!)

Thank you for sharing your new, beautiful miniature colt with us!  He is gorgeous - photos submitted by Susie Hite.

"Cindy, many thanks for your help over the last couple of days!  I tested my mare, again, yesterday at 7 pm (UK Time)
and the strip went straight to orange.  I have a closed caption TV on  her, so I watched her very carefully.  About 10:30 pm
sh started to get up and down a lot, and shortly after, I could see the first contractions.  I nipped up to the stable, and
within a few minutes, she was rolling around, and had given birth to a healthly colt foal.  Thank you, once again,
for making it possible for me to be there."
Kim Wright
Wickford, Essex
United Kingdom

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this test worked amazingly!  I have been testing every few days for the past couple
of weeks, and the test strip was pretty orange last night.  Well, at about 2 AM, labor started and by 3 AM, we had ourselves
a little black and white TWH filly, just like the test said we would!  Thanks so much!  This is the first time using a kit and now
I am hooked."
April Reinhold
Apple Valley, CA

"Hi, I got a kit, and you shipped it really fast.  I wanted to let you know that we tested my mare on Wednesday at
7:30 pm, and it was on the 5th square.  On Thursday, at the same time in the evening, it was on the 6th square.  
"Faith" foaled a huge 40 inch 102 pound colt "Pride" at 3:00 am Friday.  Less than 9 hours from the test.
THANK YOU for offering this kit.  I will definately use again!"

Nicolette Rushing
Wofford Heights, CA

"Hi, just letting you know that my mare had her baby, today...She tested at 5 last night (Saturday) and then started
waxing at around 11:00 pm and she foaled around 1:30 am Sunday morning.  She had a beautiful
palomino colt.  Here is a picture of him.  Thank you for all your help."

Kassie Finley

"Hi....just wanted to let you know that I recently ordered your kit and very happy to say that this
morning at 2:00 am, I had a very healthy colt.  The mare actually wasn't due until the 18th, but her udders
became very full and hard, yesterday, and last night the last block turned orange.  Fortunately, I was able to
stay awake and watch the monitor.  When I went down to the barn to assist, I found that only one leg was out.
The other one was bent backwards.  I found it and pulled it out.  I lost my last colt two weeks ago.  I wish I had
used the test strips then, but didn't know that much about them.  I will use them from now on.  Thanks....."

Hollis Neal

I would like you to know that I think your business is built on integrity and compassion and I wish more people were like you.
Have a great day! attached is a photo of my new filly!