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Directions For Use

Mix 1/2 ml. of mare's milk to 3 ml. of testing solution (distilled water).  
Gently shake back and forth to mix thoroughly.  Dip test strip into mixture for 10 seconds,
and remove.  Gently shake off excess water, and wait one minute.

Compare the color of the strip to the chart on the bottle.  The scale is right to
left, from the non-foaling range to the foaling range.

If your test strip matches the test strip colors on the far left on the bottle (foaling range),
foaling is probable within 12-24 hours.  It is important to test your mare
prior to her foaling date so that you can get a feel for how she is
progressing once you start getting color change from right to left
on the test bottle.

The mare should be in the foaling range AND have the color of 95% to mean
that she is most likely to foal in the next 12 hours.

Having BOTH colors at the far left means foaling is most likely.

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